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Help With our Most Urgent Needs: Contribute to The Best of Health Fund

The Best of Health Fund is a critical resource that helps enhance adult health care in BC. Monies from the fund are directed towards our medical facilities' most urgently-required equipment and most promising initiatives.

Through a series of annual research awards, the Best of Health Fund also supports important research, which can lead to discoveries in the lab that quickly translate to new and better treatments and cures for patients.

The difference donors make through this kind of support is immeasurable.

Following are a few examples of recently funded needs:

Apheresis machines - $80,000 each
Apheresis therapy is used extensively in the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant Program. These "cell separator" machines isolate key constituents from donor blood so they can be safely administered to the recipient.

Intraoperative Ultrasound - $160,000
This imaging technology helps guide surgeons during cancer operations – allowing them to accurately remove tumours and take biopsies.

Anaesthesia machine and monitor - $150,000
Anaesthesia machines deliver precisely the right amount of anaesthetizing and life-sustaining gases to patients in surgery. Without them, our surgeons and other specialists would be unable to provide life-changing treatment for their patients, whose lives depend on the skills of anaesthesiologists to safeguard their vital signs.

Help fulfill our most
urgent needs.