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MS Clinic at UBC Hospital
MS study testing the validity of an experimental diagnosis and surgery for MS.
Funding Needed for MS Care & Research

Canada has the highest number of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, and BC has the highest number in the country.

The MS Clinic at UBC Hospital provides care to more than 6,000 patients every year. It is one of the top centres for MS patient care and research in the world.

Donor support will help the MS Program’s team of internationally renowned experts build on past successes and fulfill their vision of improving the quality of life for people with MS.

A current priority for the MS team is an important research study related to the highly publicized procedure intended to improve CCSVI.

NEW: MS researchers at VGH and UBC Hospital are eager to test the validity of new claims by Dr. Paolo Zamboni that narrowing of veins occurs frequently in MS, which could alter the way the disease is diagnosed and treated. Researchers urgently require funding to purchase new MRI equipment and begin a new study.

Help improve the outcomes and quality of life for people suffering with MS.