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Taking Breast Cancer Care to the Next Level

Each year, 200 British Columbian women with breast cancer undergo a mastectomy. The trauma of this can be eased, in part by breast reconstruction surgery.

The Breast Reconstruction Program at UBC Hospital is widely recognized within Canada and internationally. It was founded by Dr. Patty Clugston, a dedicated plastic surgeon who was devoted to her patients. She earned an international reputation for her work and was sought as a teacher, speaker, and author in the plastic surgery and oncology communities. Sadly, she died in the prime of her career.

The establishment of the Dr. Patty Clugston Chair in Breast Reconstruction Surgery will help women with breast cancer in a number of ways: it will enable pioneering research into less invasive procedures, better wound healing and scar reduction, and the optimal coordination of therapies such as radiation with surgery. Research made possible through the Chair will improve access to care and enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer.

Help reduce the burden of breast cancer for women in BC.