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Ovarian Cancer Leader -- Dr Dianne Miller -- wins prestigious award
Early Detection and Screening of Ovarian Cancer within Grasp

Since 2000, the Ovarian Cancer Research (OvCaRe) team at VGH and the BC Cancer Agency has been changing the way ovarian cancer is treated, not just in B.C. but around the world. Thanks to OvCaRe, we now know that ovarian cancer is not a single disease, but has at least five subtypes that must each be treated differently. The team identified a single gene mutation that causes one of the deadliest subtypes, opening the door to earlier diagnosis and to the creation of specific treatments targeting this subtype. OvCaRe has become a world leader in ovarian cancer research.

Today, the team is working on several different initiatives to improve screening and diagnosis and test prevention methods. Their work is moving ever-closer to "personalized medicine," the ability to give a woman with ovarian cancer exactly the right treatment for her genetic make-up, cancer subtype and stage of disease.

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