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Vancouver Prostate Centre Improves Prostate Care Worldwide

Prostate cancer strikes one in six Canadian men; of those that get it, their chances of dying is also one in six. It is the most common cancer in males

The Vancouver Prostate Centre, located at VGH is one of the top prostate treatment and research facilities in the world with a busy patient clinic (2,500+ patients/year), a clinical trials facility, and a world-class translational research program. Patients from across BC are referred to specialists at the Centre for the expert care they need.

While BC has the highest incidence of prostate cancer in Canada, it also has the lowest mortality rate, thanks in part to the innovative multidisciplinary team approach established by the Centre's founders and the world-class treatment and research programs available in the province as a result.

Experts at the Centre are focused on improving the longevity and quality of life for patients with prostate cancer in BC and around the world by understanding the reasons for treatment resistance in advanced prostate cancer and translating that into new products and treatments.

A tremendous amount has been accomplished by the Centre's team, but more needs to be done. Donor support will strengthen the ability of these doctors and scientists to help patients and their families.

Help the Vancouver Prostate Centre team continue to pursue the most innovative and emerging therapies.