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Heart Health Clinics – Filling a Unique Gap in Cardiac Care

Cardiovascular Oncology Clinic

Research shows that cancer survivors are more likely to face heart and other cardiovascular diseases. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy tend to be toxic to the heart muscle and other organs; killing not only cancer cells but also other healthy cells.

Dr. Sean Virani, a VGH cardiologist has a vision of creating a new Cardiovascular-Oncology Clinic which would be the first of its kind in Western Canada and only the second in Canada to focus on the unique challenges of cancer patients facing cardiac problems.

This new development at VGH will ensure that current and former cancer patients who have or who are at risk of developing cardiac issues receive the best care possible for both of these diseases in a multi-disciplinary care environment.

Donor funding is needed to help establish a 3-year pilot project for this clinic.


Cardiac Function Clinic

Heart failure – the inability of the heart to pump blood effectively through the body – affects approximately 90,000 British Columbian adults. It costs the provincial health care system in excess of $500 million annually. At present, only 1.5% of British Columbians with heart failure have have access to a clinic focused on their medical needs.

The Cardiac Function Clinic at VGH helps save lives by intervening earlier so those at risk of heart failure get the treatment they need before a crisis situation. The clinic has treated over 600 patients since opening its doors and currently has 250 active patients.

The Clinic offers early diagnosis, intensive treatment and prevention information so patients whose hearts are unable to pump effectively can take control of their own health. The expert knowledge of the clinic's team means patients receive the highest standard of care.

Donor funding is required for various aspects of the program.


Women's Heart Health Clinic

Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women in Canada. Greater knowledge about heart disease, risk factors and preventative measures can empower women to change their risk and take control of their heart health. The Leslie Diamond Women's Heart Health Clinic at Vancouver General Hospital helps prevent and stop the progression of heart disease in women.

The Leslie Diamond Women's Heart Health Clinic at VGH is the first program of its kind in Western Canada. The six-month program helps prevent and stop the progression of heart disease in women. The Clinic focuses on practical prevention through exercise and education for those who have had a previous cardiac event such as a heart attack and for those women who may be at high risk of having one.

Ongoing funding is required to support the Clinic and to ensure its future sustainability.


Sports Cardiology Clinic

In high performance athletes who exercise more than an hour a day, distinct cardiovascular physiological change can occur. These changes can result in cardiac rhythm problems and in some cases may even result in sudden cardiac death. This serious phenomenon is known by various names such as the athletic heart syndrome, athlete's heart or athletic bradycardia.

There is a tremendous opportunity for Dr. Isserow and his team to establish and build a clinic that will become the preeminent clinic of its kind in Canada that will benefit these cardiac patients and save lives. VGH and UBC Hospital provide ideal locations to create the province's first specialty clinic for high performance individuals. The Sports Cardiology Clinic will bring together specialized experts combined with the necessary technology and clinic paradigm which offers a unique service to this under-served and growing patient population.

Your patronage could bring this much needed and unique clinic into existence.

Help ensure the very best treatment for heart patients at our hospitals.