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Men's Health

Men in British Columbia, like all men, have a problem: too many are dying young or living their last years in poor health. The lives of our sons, fathers, and grandsons are literally being cut short. It is a sobering reality and the inspiration behind the Men's Health Initiative of BC (MHIBC).

The first initiative of its kind in Canada, the goal of the MHIBC is to help men live longer, healthier lives by focusing on their unique health-related needs – everything from cardiovascular health, mental health and psychosocial issues to sexual health, testosterone deficiency and osteoporosis.

There are many opportunities to support this initiative, including funding research, dedicated clinics, education and awareness initiatives, and health policy activities. Donor support will help improve health and decrease disease in BC men, to the benefit of those men and the women and children who love them.

Men's Health Initiative of BC is the first of its kind in Canada.