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Help our world-class health care professionals pioneer research and deliver "super-specialized" care for the most serious and complex diseases and illnesses adults may ever face. Help fund brand new life-saving technology and groundbreaking research for cures and treatments for people in B.C.


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Worldclass healthcare
Worldclass healthcare

How your gift advances world-class care patient care

The generosity of our donors enables life-saving, sophisticated medical equipment and groundbreaking research at our hospitals. Here are a few examples of what gifts to the in it for life Fund have enabled:

The latest generation of acute care ventilators in the ICU at VGH means we can provide new treatment methods for patients with severe breathing complications. Thanks to you, these replace older ventilators in ICU that have outlived their lifespan. $200,000.

New clinical equipment for the world-renowned Ear, Nose, Throat clinic at VGH to restore hearing in patients, treat cancer, reduce sinus pain, end tinnitus (ringing) and eliminate dizziness. $118,000

State-of-the-art video gastroscopes and colonoscopes at UBC Hospital will enable us to detect and treat gastrointestinal disorders like pre-cancerous polyps to avoid major invasive cancer surgery. $67,000 and $81,000

Three new visual field analyzers at the world-leading Eye Care Centre at VGH, which sees more than 4,000 surgeries and more than 10,000 other procedures each year. The new equipment assesses optic and neurological conditions like early detection of glaucoma. New equipment will benefit up to 50 patients each day. $125,000

New state-of-the-art hospital beds with fall alarms at UBC Hospital allow us to prevent dangerous falls and hip fractures in disoriented, elderly or frail patients immediately following the acute care they receive for serious, complex illnesses or injuries. $85,000

Perfusion heater/cooler equipment used in open-heart surgery at VGH to manage the temperature of the fluids to preserve heart tissue while the heart is stopped, while separately controlling the patient’s body temperature for heart and brain aneurysm surgeries. $54,095

Urgently needed chronic ventilators for patients at GF Strong Rehab Centre with high spinal cord injuries who cannot breathe on their own. $35,000

A new state-of-the-art UVA/UVB light booth for the Psoriasis Clinic at the Skin Care Centre at VGH to replace aging equipment. Ultraviolet light from this booth slows down the growth of skin cells and eases skin irritation in patients with psoriasis, eczema/atopic dermatitis and scleroderma. $29,500