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Vendor Application Form

Market Table Calendar

Market Table Guidelines

Application Process & General Terms
• To be considered for the Market Table Vendor Program prospective new vendors must :

• Complete an Application Form.

• Provide one business reference and a copy of their current City
of Vancouver Business license.

• Agree to the Terms as stated in this document.

• Agree to and sign the Market Table Liability Waiver form.

• Provide credit card information or a post-dated cheque prior to booking a table.

• Vendors and their products are subject to a review process that includes an assessment of product quality and marketability.

• Only approved products can be brought into the Program.

• The Foundation reserves the right to limit the number of vendors who sell similar merchandise.

• The Foundation reserves the right to cancel any vendor at any time.

• The Foundation cannot offer exclusivity to any one vendor based on product line or merchandise type.

• It is the duty of the vendor to inform the Coordinator of the Market Table Program of any special requirements – i.e. additional space at the table to allow for a wheelchair.

• It is the vendor’s responsibility to provide the Coordinator with descriptions of their products, including preference and objections to sharing space with other vendors with similar products.

• Vendors are limited to using the tables provided (2 x 6ft tables) and are not to pull in additional tables from the surrounding area.

The VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation meets all legislative requirements with respect to privacy, and adheres to the guidelines developed by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy and the Canadian Centre for Philanthropy.

Subject to consent, any personal information you provide will only be used by authorized staff to fulfill the purpose for which it was originally collected, or for a use consistent with that purpose unless you expressly consent otherwise. We do not disclose your information to other public bodies or individuals except as authorized by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPP Act).

Visit our website for the Foundation’s privacy policy.

• Upon approval of their application vendors will contact the Coordinator to book their tables.

• Vendors can book a maximum of four days a month.

• November & December bookings are limited to a maximum of 2 days a month.

• Consecutive days for booking are permitted when available (maximum 2 consecutive days per week).

Vendor Fees & Payment Schedule
• The fee is $ 35 per day + 15% commission on sales.

• Full payment of table fees is required prior to sales date. Deposit can be made by credit card, cash or post-dated cheque.

• Commission is to be paid by the vendor to the VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation upon close of business on the sale date or within two weeks from the sale date.

• The Foundation will issue business receipts for payment of table fees and commissions at the end of each calendar year.

• Failure to pay may result in the forfeit of your table for future bookings.

• If payment is made by cheque, please make payment to:

VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation
855 West 12th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9

• Cancellation must be made no later than two (2) business days prior to the booking, in which case table fees will be applied to future booking.

• Cancellation without notice and no shows will be subject to the full booking fee of $35.

Hours of Operation
• Vendor tables are open Monday to Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM (hours may be extended if vendors wish).

• Vendor tables are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, Statutory holidays and Reduced Activity Days.

• Staffing and break coverage are the responsibility of the vendor.

Table Set-Up / Take Down
• Tables will be labeled Table 1 & Table 2. Table numbers correspond to the calendar posted behind the tables. Vendors must use the table for which he/she is assigned.

• Tables must be kept in the Market Table area and must be left in the configuration set-up by the Foundation Office.

• Set-up and display of goods must not interfere with pedestrian traffic, or other vendor table.

• Goods are to be displayed in an attractive manner. There is an electrical outlet behind the tables for those who wish to use their own additional lighting.

• There is a phone jack provided for credit and debit transactions.

• Vendors must leave their table area as they found it.

Parking / Loading and Unloading Vehicles
• Free parking is available in the VGH parkades (see map for locations). Vendors must pick up a parking pass from the Foundation office (Centennial Pavilion – Room 190) between 8:30am – 4:30pm in order to leave free of charge.

• Vendors may unload / load their vehicles on Laurel Street or West 12th Avenue in front of the Jim Pattison Pavilion.
o Each vendor is responsible for unloading / loading their vehicles as quickly as possible and ensuring that they do not interfere with patient pick-up and delivery.

• Parking pass is not applicable in loading areas.

• Vehicles left unattended for long periods of time are subject to towing.

• Do not block the roadway at any time.

Vendor Advertising & Promotion
• A copy of the calendar is located behind the sale tables, as well as various sites within the hospital – i.e. elevators & bulletin boards. A full vendor calendar can be found on our website.

• The posting of flyers or posters around the hospital buildings is not permitted.

• A vendor’s own advertising or signage must not be mounted or affixed to the glass panels or walls behind the Market Table.

Vendor Products & Services
• Only merchandise disclosed in the vendor’s application may be offered for sale on the day of sale.

• Any new products the vendor wishes to add to the application must be approved by the Foundation prior to it being offered for sale.

• No counterfeit, trademarked, or illegal goods are to be displayed, or made available for sale.

• Any products in breach of this contract will be removed from the Market Table Program immediately.

• Catalogue orders are not permitted. Sales initiated at the hospital, and finalized later, should be included in the 15% fee calculation.

Restricted Products
The following items are not permitted for sale in the Market Table Program:

• Used or previously owned items.

• Scented products, unless properly packaged.

• Perfumed products are not to be sampled in the vendor area due to potential respiratory problems and allergies of patients and staff.

• Alternative or traditional medicines (vitamins, minerals & weight loss treatments).

• Latex balloons.

• Stuffed animals.

• Live flowers and floral arrangements.

• Networking of pyramid sales programs.

• Investments, real estate opportunities, insurance, cellular phones contracts or other such services.

• Bake sales, food sales, ready to eat food items (i.e. products which compete directly with the Auxiliary and Sassafras Food Fair)

• Sales of services.

• Demos on individuals.

• Offensive, racial or gender discriminating items or material.

Business Conduct
In an effort to maintain integrity and professionalism, and to ensure the continued success of the Market Table Program, the vendors will demonstrate courtesy, respect, honesty and fairness with customers, other Vendors, VGH staff and Foundation employees in all interactions.

Christina Schultz
Market Table Coordinator
604-875-4676 x 68760